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What's Going On Right Now With You?

Do you sense being stuck, as though you have been hit by a stroke of bad luck? That can be frustrating, irritating, and making you really angry and stressed out. Yep we all have been there and done that.

Are you confused with what is going on and you mind seems like it's shooting off in all directions

What if I told you that you can be as cool and calm as ever, and be the choice point of what you'd like to have as your reality. 

Would you be ready to choose that for you?

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There Are Times When What We Have Done Before Is Not Working Anymore

Are you experiencing that? What do you do then, You try and fix it,  but here's the thing,

Whatever it is, If you are trying to fix the stuff with the same kind of thinking that created it, it's unlikely it will work.

Right? So, What's the point of fighting this, and making you wrong,and possibly judging you out of existence?

That's Not Fun, What would you like to have your life and living show up as? Is Now the time to perhaps Create Something Brand New As YOU?

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What Are People Saying About Their Experience?


Basma Ali Ahmed

Team Leader, Field Ops Support

On the outside I looked as though I was calling the shots, however on the inside I felt used and abused, lacking total awareness. as to who I was being. After coming in for the Elite VIP Coaching and Mentoring with Jennifer I seem to be transformed aware and powerful It feels phenomenal. It has changed how I show up as a leader in my own life. Jennifer is truly a brilliant coach and mentor

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Khawla Jawahar

Key Account Management Team

I am so pleased with your coaching and mentoring. I am more connected than I have ever been with me being in charge with the way I show up. When I got to know me everything  just seems to be so much easier and fun. I feel a sense of happiness ~ Thanks So Much Jennifer Randive

Shahida Siddiqi

Business Owner

I have a business; I had all the things in place that businesses require and it was robust, yet there was something that was not allowing me to move. I felt stagnant.  I was continuously worried stressed. After being in the Elite VIP Coaching and Mentoring with You I was able to expand my current business and added a new lines to expand it, I am more aware of what requires my attention and I feel more at ease and have fun in my business now. Thank You So Much!

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VP Finance


I have known Jennifer for so many years and she helped  by advising me in different points of my career. "An excellent mentor and adviser to professionals in different disciplines and industries, as well as advising companies. A permanent wish to have the honor to work with Jennifer."


Six Sigma Master BlackBelt

Win situation. She is an ocean of knowledge when it comes to recruitment, headhunting and above all coaching. "Personally I have learned a lot from Jennifer. I highly recommend Focus Direct Management Consultants to organizations who are looking for Excellence.

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International Business Development & Marketing 

When I met Jennifer some 17 years ago I found her extremely personable, supportive, wise and professional. I can honestly say that she touched my life and was instrumental in setting me on to the professional career path which I am on today. "Jennifer is an active and respected Visionary. She will provide you with a different lens to view your world through and find inspiration in."


Content Writer

Commentators know how to talk a good game, but Jennifer knows how to actually make it happen. I’ve only known Jennifer for a couple of months and this brilliant lady helped me get my focus back and appreciate life in more ways than one. Her expertise in helping individuals identify their key skills and open doors to greater opportunities is truly applaudable.

I appreciate her professional capabilities and mentoring skills. I would highly recommend her as the “go-to person” for anyone in need of life/career empowerment coaching. 

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President & COO Property 


One of the challenges in business today is finding business connections that share "mindset" and understand the multi disciplined challenges that are faced in Human Capital throughout an organization. In my interaction with Jennifer, I found not only a visionary leader who understands the dynamics of business life, but a leader with the mindset to recommend solutions that are relevant and value added to business.

What Will You Choose For You?

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Would getting to be a grander version on You Be Your Choice, Is it time now to give that Choice a Voice so everyone can benefit from You and what You can share with the world?

Is Now The Time?