engage Jan 02, 2016

At age 10, I was inspired by the writings of a brilliant philosopher he wrote and I Quote

"We spend our whole life in search of someone and something greater than us. What if we chose to discover ourselves instead?"

I have always been intrigued by that and add to it.
Just what if we continue to discover ourselves, what would that reveal, what if that is what we allow to show up, is truly the celebration of us?
And what if in that self discovery lies the Gift only You can bring about?
Questions here is

  • Are you done trying to fit into what you think you have to be to fit in?
  • What will it take for You to choose to BE You?
  • What does that even look like?
  • What if Only You Know?
  • What if the first step was for You to Choose to find out?
  • What if Questions will be like the Door Openers to Discover You?
  • Would You give You permission to?

What if you can choose to be the change and the possibility we all have been waiting for?


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