Speaking Engagements

DEWA’s Women’s Committee organises workshop on personal and professional empowerment

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority’s (DEWA’s) Women’s Committee has organised a workshop, entitled ‘Your Operating System Love or Fear’ at its headquarters in Zabeel East. 

Revealed: UAE has a formula for happiness

Happiness, an inside job

The second speaker, Jennifer Randive, a change catalyst, mesmerised the audience by making them chief engagement officers of their happiness. "How can it get better than that?" she questioned.


Women Entrepreneurship Conference

Was Privileged to speaker at Berkeley Middle East Holdings Event. The topic chosen was  Are You Ready To Be The CEO-U Of Your Life and Living.

What would you require to let go to truly step into being in the flow to be the PRO

Rare Gems 2018

On The Spot Coaching and Mentoring of Lady Entrepreneurs from Different Business Sectors Senior Managers and Mid Level Managers Engaged To Be Empowered

Spoke about how to Be The Change for themselves, that would impact the world at large. That every challenge perceived what another door opening up to be a grander version of oneself

RARE GEMS 2018 In Action

DEWA - Addressing Women Comittee Members on Personal and Professional Empowerment

Why Holistic Wellbeing is A Must To Become A Successful Entrepreneur

Women Executive Magazine - Conscious Engagement In Your Business As a CEO

Open Thinking Academy - How I Got Out Of My Own Way. Sometimes The Perfect Way The Right Way The No Other Way, Gets In The Way!

Amity University - Preparedness for the Future

Coffee Morning With Business Owners