Speaking Engagements

Keynote Speech BOWLD

Women In Leadership: Creating a League Of Her Own - 8th March 2020 Blue Ocean Management Training

Arab Women In Leadership

Moderated Panel Discussion "Breaking The Startup Stereotype" With Some Powerful Business Women

Women Entrepreneurship Conference

Speaker at Berkeley Middle East Holdings Event. The topic chosen was  Are You Ready To Be The CEO Of Your Life and Living. What would you require to let go to truly step into being in the flow to be the PRO

Rare Gems

On The Spot Coaching and Mentoring of Lady Entrepreneurs from Different Business Sectors Senior Managers and Mid Level Managers Engaged To Be Empowered

Spoke about how to Be The Change for themselves, that would impact the world at large. That every challenge perceived what another door opening up to be a grander version of oneself

DEWA - Addressing Women Executive Committee Members

The workshop included a lecture by Jennifer Randive, Chief Engagement Officer of Focus Direct, a Management Consultants. She spoke about how people approach themselves positively and negatively based on external emotions, and how this in turn can affect their personal and professional lives. 

Why Holistic Well-being is a Must for Entrepreneurs

Spoke about how each one can choose to approach a more holistic way of operating, Everything is not cured by medicine alone, It is more about our choice to engage in a way that contributes to our total well being. It always starts with you being the focal point 

Women Executive Magazine

Conscious Engagement In Your Business As A CEO

Addressed Business CEO's as to how they can be more productive if they chose to first be the CEO's of their own live and living Engaging with Self is the first step to engaging with any one else ~ Jennifer Randive The Maverick CEO

Open Thinking Day

How To Get Out Of Your Own Way.

We are usually unaware that we are in our own way. When we choose to get out of our own way, is when we receive way more information to help us get what we truly desire. Now would that not inspire you to be curious to? 

Amity University

Preparedness for the Future

Addressed college students about preparedness for the future, How to go about it, Where was their mindset coming in their own way? How to overcome the self sabotage, to create a future that would inspire them to be the grandest version of themselves and create an impact in their future careers!

Coffee Morning With Business Owners

What were business owners wanting to achieve? What was keeping them stuck, was it a stroke of bad luck or was it something that they had concluded?  Shared what changes they could implement and what impact that would have on their businesses

Addressing The CEO Club Members

What Is Your Operating System?

What was their engagement process? What was their operating system, Who decided what would work? What were those decisions based on? 

Revealed: UAE has a formula for happiness

Jennifer Randive, a change catalyst, mesmerised the audience by making them chief engagement officers of their happiness.The only barrier between you and your happiness is 'you' she said. Since happiness is an inside job, the more you 'be' it, the more you can receive through it is, she said