There is a lot going on and you keep hearing horrifying stories about businesses and people being made redundant and the doom and gloom all around. What is your take on this? Are you reacting by aligning and agreeing with everything you are hearing and possibly going insane with stress?

So let’s see, You buy into it, You use all your energy to validate the information and then you stress out with it. How is that creating something new for you? You look into a way you can beat the stuff going on, How can you? if all your energy is going into aligning and agreeing or resisting and reacting to it.

I have news for you! Nothing ever really happens to you, believe it, or not you are the only one who is creating your reality, Yes that’s true. Just look at that, for a second. If you are creating your own reality as buying into what is going on outside of you and fall prey to the desperation mode, guess what you will be creating more desperation. More Stress, More Confusion, More Contortion and complete Mayhem for you. Will that work for you, is the question?

What if there was a Different Way to approach this? What if you didn’t have to go into the drama, trauma and intrigue and getting you upset about anything, would you then be able to Choose more Change and Create More of something that would be far more for you and everyone associated with you, your family, your company, your colleagues?

What if you see this shake up instead as a possibility showing up as different, more of a contribution to you, perhaps something that will help you to be more engaged, something that you may have never considered before? What if this is a Gift for you to consider, What if this is a time for you to really look at you closely and see what you have been pushing under the carpet and not wanting to be aware of? What if this is the change you have been waiting for showing up as a different possibility for you?

As I have questioned people in an earlier article and I quote “Are you here to be in Status Quo are Are you here to Create far More?” There is a difference when you approach things from a space of Inspiration. Totally Different Possibilities make themselves available. I know you all will go Jennifer are you crazy to ask us to be inspired about what is going on and I will say YES, Would you Choose to take charge of the way you NOW can approach things differently and in the way YOU show up Now. And yes there are tools to get you to that Space of Inspired Action. You start with Asking Questions. Questions are empowering you to receive more awareness which shows up as clarity, while Answers tend to stop you from searching for what else is possible and usually end up as the limitation for not going beyond what you determined as an answer.

What worked before, doesn’t work anymore, What are you willing to choose now that will create far more?~ Jennifer Randive

How can you approach any situation in your life that will be more empowering for you. These are some questions you can use right away. Please don’t expect any answers. Would you allow you to receive the awareness instead?

What is going on here? What is all this showing me? What have I not been aware of? What can I now choose as different? What change is required here?

I write from personal experience and this is what assisted me.

When I got out of my own way, was when a different way, became a possibility for me ~ Jennifer Randive

This is what I meant when I said, No one but we individually create our reality. Are you willing to go beyond the mayhem of reaction and rejection and step up and into the Creation of who you can Choose to be. You are literally the Change you want to see in the world ~ Mahatma Gandhi


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