How many times have you heard this growing up. "I know better you listen to what I am saying and just do what I tell you?"  Does that Sound familiar? I know for a fact that was my reality growing up.

What then happened? Either you bought into it, resisted it, reacted to it, defied what was said and or defended the rightness of it or went into maintaining the rightness while making you wrong for it.

The strangest thing is all this occurs in just a nanosecond and you may not even be cognitively aware of it, and live your whole life maintaining this as the only choice you have..


  • What is your life showing up as?
  • Are you trying to fix things while maintaining the rightness or the wrongness of it?
  • Were you allowed to choose for you?
  •  Or is the word Choice almost alien to you,
  • If you did choose were you rebelling and reacting to what was said to you, that you must do or else.
  • Some even say, Am i crazy not to choose something that will do more for me? Well that is where the catch is.
  • Most of us have been introduced to choice in this warped manner. What if we consder this?


  • What if Choice was like you going for a buffet where you chose to serve you with what you found interesting, and never had before?
  • What if you have been choosing already, What have you been choosing?
  • What if all your choices have been based on your past experiences, what has that created for you? Is there anything new showing up?
  • What if that is not working anymore, What else can you choose to create?
  • What if with every Choice you made a window of Possibilty opened up? 
  • What if with every Choice you got a brilliant awareness?
  • What if with that awareness is where another choice presents itself?
  • What if that is the way You were Being Present in the moment?
  • The Choices you made are creating something  behind the scenes by the Universe?
  • What if that is the way The Universe Contributes to you far more than you could ever fathom?
  • What would you consider choosing?
  • What if making a Choice based on previous experiences never did allow anything new and different to show up? 

Is Now available to you to choose for you? And this time around what if you Choose just because you can, and what if your choices were as cool and as simple as breathing?

What if choice was like putting in your requests to the Universe and allowing the Universe to contribute to you?

What would you create your life and living as now being the Choice Point of what you demand of you and request of the Universe?

And most importantly, would you please have fun with this, where there is fun that is where more creation of a different possibility becomes available.

Have Fun Choosing as if it was a game and drop all your expecations of how and just allow.

And for fun here is a tip while choosing

Be in Question while choosing. - This is a Tool to Access Your Awareness of what choice would work for you.

If I choose this what will my life be like in the next 5 years

If I don't choose this what will my life be like in the next 5 years

What you are looking for is not an answer, it is an awareness, if it feels expansive go with it, if it feels heavy drop it and choose something different.


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