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We all know what a thermostat does; It's about stopping not going beyond to maintain. As soon as a level is reached it's job is to trip into the coordinates it's set to operate within. Do you sense being regulated by your thoughts feelings and emotions. Is there a similarity between your mind and that thermostat? Who is calling the shots? Are You? Or do you sense you are operating as the effect of those set coordinates?

Here's the Question How many settings are programmed that keep you tripping to maintain what you setup as the only way the tested way the perfect way? How about allowing an other way? Would you be willing to consider that?

Are you afraid you may blow up. Well aren't you experiencing glimpses of that already?

                      It's Called Burnout!

There is a SECRET Component here. You are that Secret Component.

If You don't get engaged in the process how will anything change? Remember you are the Choice Point here.Would you be willing to engage with you? Everything revolves around you. Doesn't that make you the most important person on your agenda, all this time you haven't focused on you and have been engaging with the rest of the world, that's not bad, but consider this, If you really knew the value of you, would you not be a valuable contribution to everyone you engaged with. Just saying!

        Let's See What's Going On Shall We?

What have you been pushing under the carpet, saying you would look at it later, have you ever wondered why you do this? What if you allowed yourself to look at it now? What have you been postponing? Could that be where you are postponing you too. What areas can you see keep on repeating like a broken record? Would you like to stop the repetition? What really gets you frustrated and irritated? What are you giving up on? Who is it that you are giving up on? Where have you eliminated you? Ask yourself what made you do that?

What if in the meantime you did not go into the wrongness of you? What if you didn't go into judging you? What if you can congratulate you instead, for choosing to venture to look at all of this.What if Now's the Time?

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"Change is Constant, Changing is a Choice" ~ Jennifer Randive


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