What have we decided to be as our happiness thermostat? So we go to a certain limit hit the thermostat and get back into the same place of conforming to maybe:

  • The Events around us
  • The People around us with their stories
  • The Confusion that persists in the world

What is it that keeps us determining and keeps us in this mayhem of constantly trying to fit into a place to be happy? Ever wondered?

What if that is the biggest lie to keep you stuck?

What if you were the one who knew there was something different available?

What if you were that difference?

What would you choose then?

I keep getting the Greatest Gift I have always had and still do every second and so do You is something we Totally overlook. Would You really use it if I tell you what it is? That Gift I am talking about

Now for the Surprise Gift

It is The Gift Of Choice.

What can you Choose that if you allowed you to use would Create Your Personal Happiness Compass beyond what you ever thought was possible?

What if you in this very moment chose something and asked a question along with it?

Let’s go with Happiness for example

  • What can I choose today that will allow me to be the happy person I know I Be?
  • What will it take for me to be the happy me I truly be?
  • What do I know that if I allow will bring me the Joy I know is available to me?

Everything that does not allow that I let it go.

You and only you can Choose this, ask yourself this question.

What Happiness am I refusing that i could be choosing, everything that is stopping that i let it go!


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