self-development Jun 28, 2016

Have you experienced things magically Change and Shift around You and You wonder, what happened? I am sure most of us have experienced that at some time in our life.

Well I notice and experience this quite often and the reason I share this with you is simple, it's time to acknowledge that about You, The difference you make in the world when you Choose to Make A Demand of YOU.

I was being the usual me and was communicating with someone who went into the wrongness of a situation. And didn't see any possibility of changing it because it was not possible for something to get done, Then there was a bit of wrongness flung on me as well. I tried to lighten things up, but that didn't work either. Well me being me, I noticed me buying into the drama, intrigue, and especially if it is someone who is close to you. Have You been there too? 

I noticed what I was getting into and immediately demanded.... Enough is Enough, this has got to Stop and Now! I asked a question.

What will it take to change this with ease for everyone?

An hour later everything around the situation which was earlier laced with all the Upset, Intrigue and Drama was resolved, Well what changed and what was I made aware of?

  • I had to make a demand of me
  • I did not have to buy into the situation
  • Asking a question to change whatever it was with ease for everyone
  • Not getting caught up with analyzing what it was
  • Allowing people to choose what they chose
  • Dropping all expectations and outcomes

Sounds easy, and this can be done, Only when You really learn to get out of your own way.

What Ripple Effect Can We Choose To Be and Create With Today and Everyday going forward?

What Demand of You can you be, and request of the Universe?

And Just to let you in on a secret, You are way more Potent than you give yourself credit for.

Next time you go into doubting you, flip the doubt and ask for You being the Demand of what you would like to have change and have as your reality.

Be That CEO-U of Your Life and Living!

NOW Go Be That Ripple Effect, first for you, everyone receives that too, when you Be That Demand For You!




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