Good Question. Right?

When you choose to be unique, things have got to change.

When change is spoken of what shows up?

Is it resistance, is it fear, is it doubt, stress, anxiety or is it just plain upsetting or even overwhelming? Not knowing where to start....

We wonder...what will other people say?

What if no one likes me, then?

What if I come across as too much? then what?

or Some may say, why do I need this, everything is fine as it is

Some may argue, what do I need to be unique about, I know it all

All of the above are what we all go through, at some time in our life, what do you do then? That's when the fear, doubt, self sabotage kicks in and keeps us as being mediocre, while also being frustrated and irritated and usually it is with ourselves. What do we do then? We hide it.

Check in with yourself, what impact is it having on your morale, your enthusiasm, your energy, your happiness and overall health and peace of mind? It's seems like, a constant battle within. Is that something that you may be going through right about now?

What if you uncovered, discovered and applied your unique talents, abilities and skills to work for you and everything you did? What would be possible for you then? Are you ready to be that Hero or Heroin? Where you are being sought after for your brilliance, will that make the difference?

So, now to infuse curiosity about being unique, here are some questions I will leave you with. Let me know how they work for you.

This is a taster of what awaits you if you choose to truly uncover and discover your hidden capacities, talents, abilities and skills. You may be pleasantly surprised. For the time being ask yourself these questions and check out what awareness shows up for you.

Questions Open Up The Door To Different Possibilities

If I really choose to be more do more have more in my life and living what will I choose now?

Who am I willing to be, to be a grander version of me?

What will I choose to do differently that will make me stand apart to be that unique expression as me?

What will be a contribution to the work I do?

What can I create that will make my work fun for me and everyone around me?

Where am I resisting my unique capacities abilities and skills that keep me repeating the same patterns that frustrate and irritate me?

What requires my attention today?

What can I do today that will change the way I engage with me and my colleagues and family today?

What will be fun with the project that we all are working on?

Who can I be and what can I do different today that will enhance and enable new possibilities?

My parting question to you is, will you give you permission to be that uniqueness to share with us all?

That uniqueness only you can be, no one else has your unique capacities and abilities. Not to share them with the world and all of us would be a disservice to us all.

All The Very Best! Let me know how you are doing."

Jennifer Randive The Maverick CEO


"Conscious Engagement That Empowers and Transforms People and Businesses to Harmonize"



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