Good Question. Right?

When you choose to be unique, things have got to change.

When change is spoken of what shows up?

Is it resistance, is it fear, is it doubt, stress, anxiety or is it just plain upsetting or even overwhelming? Not knowing where to start....

We wonder...what will other people say?

What if no one likes me, then?

What if I come across as too much? then what?

or Some may say, why do I need this, everything is fine as it is

Some may argue, what do I need to be unique about, I know it all

All of the above are what we all go through, at some time in our life, what do you do then? That's when the fear, doubt, self sabotage kicks in and keeps us as being mediocre, while also being frustrated and irritated and usually it is with ourselves. What do we do then? We hide it.

Check in with yourself, what impact is it having on your morale, your enthusiasm, your energy, your happiness and overall health and peace of mind? It's seems like, a constant battle within. Is...

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