Have you ever asked yourself that question? I know I did, after asking myself some questions, you know the ones, we don't like to venture into, simply because they make you feel really uncomfortable. They sound something like this.

Where did I give up on me? Who am I really being here, is this really me? What have I made so very important here that I cannot see beyond? What is really making me so uncomfortable? What am I doing with my life? Can success truly be mine? How do I make this work? is this even possible for me, What will people say? Why would anyone even think I can be Successful, Where do I go, What do I do?

Do we feel empowered or do we feel inadequate, do you feel trapped, do you end up being totally confused? I know right?

Ever wondered what is going on? Who are you trying to be like, that you are not? Where are you trying to fit in? What have you defined success as that it is not?  Every time you try and fit in does it work? How many judgements do you have of you not being like someone else? Do you end up saying to yourself I am no good enough, this is not for me, this is just impossible. A tiring place to be in, where you cannot think about anything else because the same thoughts keep showing up over and over again, and that is a drain and a major pain. 

So here's the thing, 

What do you know about you? What is so uniquely different about you that you have not even looked into? What is it that you are hiding from and not wanting to be seen so that you are not going to be criticized by others?  Are you willing to show in your own life? What if that uniqueness of you is only designed for you to bring through? What is that? What can you find out about YOU? What have you been hiding about you all this time? Is it time for you to get out of the box you may have confined yourself to?

Is it time for you to discover YOU? What if now is the time for you to allow YOU to choose YOU to be that Amazing Contribution You are here to be?

What if up until now all the stuff you have bought into to fit in a really not working and you are still striving to compete to complete you based on what others are saying to you or expect of you? What if there is a totally different way, with more fun, inspiration and clarity to be more do more and have more?

There is no one else who can choose for YOU? You are the only one Powerful enough to choose for you. No matter what others say about this, please remember, YOU and only YOU are the one who determines your success. You are the Choice Point!

What will it take to know what drives your Success? What would you like to create as your reality? What will that contribute to You, Your Family,Your Business,Your Career and to The Future of this Planet?

Success is what you make of it, It starts with you choosing what brings you JOY and that You can employ in everything that you would like to have as your experience. Be it in your work, business, life, relationships. The starting point is and always will be YOU!

You are the Change your Success is waiting for! You hold the KEY!

To get to know how to go about this, Connect and let's get to uncover and discover that brilliance you are here to be for you that creates the difference you are here to usher in.


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