engage Jan 04, 2016

Where did we give up on ourselves? What did we make so vital to follow, that we don't even trust ourselves anymore. How is that working? Do we feel empowered or do we feel inadequate most of the time?

Ever wondered what is going on? Who are you trying to be like, that you are not? Where are you trying to fit in? Every time you try and fit in does it work? How many judgements do you have of you? Do they usually show up, as you not being good enough? How much of your energy do you waste trying to conform? Is that a good use of your energy?

What do you know about you? What is so uniquely different about you that you have not even considered? What impact can that difference make in the world? What if you are the only person who is designed to bring about that difference to the world? What is that? What can you find out about YOU? What have you been hiding about you all this time?

Is it time for you to discover YOU? What if now is the time for you to allow YOU to choose YOU to be that Amazing Contribution You are here to be?

What if up until now all the stuff you have bought into to fit in a really not working and you are still striving to compete to complete you based on what others are saying to you? What if there is a totally different way, with more fun, happiness, inspiration and clarity to be more do more and have more?

There is no one else who can choose for YOU? You are the only one Powerful enough to choose for you. No matter what others say about this, please remember, YOU and only YOU are the one who determines your success. You are the Choice Point!

What will it take to know what drives your Success? What would you like to create as your reality? What will that contribute to You Your Family,Your Business,Your Career and to The Future of this Planet?

You are the Change your Success is waiting for! You hold the KEY!

What else is possible for you to choose? Is now the time?


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