change Feb 07, 2018

Very few people are truly brave to speak about the Changes they experienced and what came of that, how did they navigate that? What and how they choose something different. So here's something for you to consider. Purely to view Change from a different perspective.

10 Years ago to be precise, I was thrown totally into oblivion, everything that I had made, so perfect and so systematic, structured and in every possible way to protect every aspect of what I was doing at work, on the home front, in relationships, everywhere I had it down to a perfect structure, after all, that's how one is considered successful. Right? Well Not so....

I started noticing things were not quite OK, even after all the form structures, controls, policies and procedures I had decided and then concluded were the best possible options I had available. Don't get me wrong, all those things are good to have in place. however something was missing.

Making every attempt to get things to work and after doing this for a good number of months I did not see a flicker to light at the end of the tunnel, I was being sucked into the tunnel and was getting to the point of no return.

So I called in the experts to evaluate what was going on and to evaluate me as a CEO, my company policies, people, processes, procedures, operations, I gave them the card blanch.... the go ahead to check in on everything possible and to go into depth. A vulnerable spot to be in wouldn't you think? I wanted to get to the bottom of all that was going on.

What did they find?

Everything In Perfect Order, no Gaps. Then where were the traps?

I remembered asking them, if all this is so perfect and meticulous why is it not working, their response was, we haven't seen or found any gaps, policies procedures processes are down to an art form, and implementing them too, we have spoken and questioned everyone about your company's way of operating, and the feedback has been absolutely amazing....

What followed was me being angry. Yeah Angry at me. I had wanted so badly for everything to be that well oiled machine and everything to be perfect. Wouldn't you?


I didn't stop there, I went on to find others who could tell me what I was doing wrong, so I could fix it. There's nothing wrong about that, let me tell you. On the contrary it's the drive that makes you choose to thrive not survive. My approach however required the changing.


I did not want to be seen as a failure, who would want to be seen as that? Was it Failure?

Are you experiencing being depressed inside, yet trying to maintain a brave front, you know that status quo for your business, your relationships, your job while everything you sense is falling apart at the very core of you. Are You falling apart? Or is it the Nudge of Change for A Different Approach as a Start that Only You Can Choose to be a Part of?

Enough Is Enough! This has got to Change and NOW!

While being in conversation with people,what I mostly experienced was people telling me what to do most of the time, How could they know what would work for me? What was that based on, I questioned. The response I got. It has to work, because it was proven to work in the past. I was not comfortable with that response.

What followed was a series of Questions that I started to ask me. What had I been conforming or concluding that had stopped working for me? Was it what was expected of me to fit in? What was working? What was not working? What to let go off? What else could I add? What would create more for me my business and Who could I be of service to?

There comes a time when Change is knocking on your door,
         and yet there are few who will venture to explore

~ Jennifer Randive

I had noticed, Every time I resisted The Change, it persisted and amplified.

What changed? My Approach To Change, I learnt to Question it.

I Choose to Ride the Winds of Change, To Be The Change!

Was it comfortable, NO, Was I going to Choose it anyway? YES. Changing stuff that doesn't work anymore took me to place where I had to look at it, and also know that I was the creator of it. Nothing just happened to me. I had some interesting conclusions and some very strong points of views that were the result of all of this. I had created strong beliefs systems that did not allow me to budge, even when I was getting the nudge. Why do I share this, what would this change for you if you just knew how powerful you are? and whatever you think about you truly bring about.

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can't you're right.” Henry Ford

When Change is showing up, I look at it as new door way opening up. Don't fight it, rather welcome it and question it. Questioning always makes awareness show me something that I was not willing to look at, does it help me to see another way of approaching situations? Definitely. I had to look at things in different ways. Not conclude that the way that worked before would work again.

I was made aware, when I chose to get out of my own way,
that I was the way, the change and the possibility awaiting
                             my own transformation.

Are you ever a failure? Never! You may just be that Caterpillar who thought it's life had ended, when it Became the Butterfly and was ready to take wings and fly. That my friend is Change! Don't judge you and keep you captive, Choose to Empower You Instead.

  • Somethings to recognize when Change May Be Coming Up For You

  • Every time you sense, something not quite right for you, you know that nagging gut feeling that you get and ignore most of the time, is usually where it starts. Change in any area of your life

  • You will be drawn into your head to rationalize and talk yourself out of it. Be Aware of that.

  • Remember don't be hard on yourself, recognize when you are going into conclusions, running in your head, flip them questions instead.


  • Can you remember a time when you got home and you could sense that your partner was upset, without even speaking to them? Well what was that? The Energy. You cannot see it but you experience it.

  • You also know very well when someone is upset in the office without them telling you, right, what is that? Did you ever question that? It's Energy! we don't consider this, yet Energy is our first language. If you cannot see it, it doesn't mean it doesn't exits. The same is true for air, can you see it? Yet you breathe it.

  • What if all this time you have been so involved with things on the outside and don't pay attention to what's going on inside?

  • Conclusions don't help in Change, they limit something new to show up.

  • Questions open up your Awareness to Different Choices that present themselves,

  • It's Your Choice to Choose what Change you would like?

Change is Constant, Changing is a Choice! ~ Jennifer Randive

We at focus direct Management Consultants are Your Change and Transformation Consultants, What we do is Help Businesses and Their People focus their Attention and Energy on the Change and Transformation to Transcend Their Approach Into Being Their Brilliance, to Strategically Engage their Resources To Create An Impact for their Clients and Customers. Being The Change, they always Intended. That Allowance of Change Creates and Contributes more for everyone, the people, business, customers, clients and profits.




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