change Feb 07, 2018

Very few people are truly brave to speak about the Changes they experienced and what came of that, how did they navigate that? What and how they choose something different. So here's something for you to consider. Purely to view Change from a different perspective.

10 Years ago to be precise, I was thrown totally into oblivion, everything that I had made, so perfect and so systematic, structured and in every possible way to protect every aspect of what I was doing at work, on the home front, in relationships, everywhere I had it down to a perfect structure, after all, that's how one is considered successful. Right? Well Not so....

I started noticing things were not quite OK, even after all the form structures, controls, policies and procedures I had decided and then concluded were the best possible options I had available. Don't get me wrong, all those things are good to have in place. however something was missing.

Making every attempt to get things to work and after doing this for...

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