being unique Jan 06, 2016

Are YOU different and unique? You couldn't ever be like someone else, so why does everyone try so hard to be like someone? Have you ever pondered that? No matter how hard you try, you just cannot be like someone. And just for this conversation, if you did for a second be like them, someone would come along and tell you, “you are not like them and you lack this and that, and you must do this then only can you be like them”. Does that sound true for you?

Just give you permission to STOP RIGHT THERE! For a moment and see this scenario... It's almost a non-stop rejection and judgement process going on, in which you keep making you wrong, incapable, not good enough and the list goes on and on. So what is accomplished at the end of it all? You are now frustrated, stressed, broken in spirit, confused, dejected and not knowing what and how to change anything, because you are not good enough you conclude. Is this a good use of your energy, maintaining the not good enough story?

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