Good Question. Right?

When you choose to be unique, things have got to change.

When change is spoken of what shows up?

Is it resistance, is it fear, is it doubt, stress, anxiety or is it just plain upsetting or even overwhelming? Not knowing where to start....

We wonder...what will other people say?

What if no one likes me, then?

What if I come across as too much? then what?

or Some may say, why do I need this, everything is fine as it is

Some may argue, what do I need to be unique about, I know it all

All of the above are what we all go through, at some time in our life, what do you do then? That's when the fear, doubt, self sabotage kicks in and keeps us as being mediocre, while also being frustrated and irritated and usually it is with ourselves. What do we do then? We hide it.

Check in with yourself, what impact is it having on your morale, your enthusiasm, your energy, your happiness and overall health and peace of mind? It's seems like, a constant battle within. Is...

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change Feb 07, 2018

Very few people are truly brave to speak about the Changes they experienced and what came of that, how did they navigate that? What and how they choose something different. So here's something for you to consider. Purely to view Change from a different perspective.

10 Years ago to be precise, I was thrown totally into oblivion, everything that I had made, so perfect and so systematic, structured and in every possible way to protect every aspect of what I was doing at work, on the home front, in relationships, everywhere I had it down to a perfect structure, after all, that's how one is considered successful. Right? Well Not so....

I started noticing things were not quite OK, even after all the form structures, controls, policies and procedures I had decided and then concluded were the best possible options I had available. Don't get me wrong, all those things are good to have in place. however something was missing.

Making every attempt to get things to work and after doing this for...

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Uncategorized Jan 15, 2017

We all know what a thermostat does; It's about stopping not going beyond to maintain. As soon as a level is reached it's job is to trip into the coordinates it's set to operate within. Do you sense being regulated by your thoughts feelings and emotions. Is there a similarity between your mind and that thermostat? Who is calling the shots? Are You? Or do you sense you are operating as the effect of those set coordinates?

Here's the Question How many settings are programmed that keep you tripping to maintain what you setup as the only way the tested way the perfect way? How about allowing an other way? Would you be willing to consider that?

Are you afraid you may blow up. Well aren't you experiencing glimpses of that already?

                      It's Called Burnout!

There is a SECRET Component here. You are that Secret Component.

If You don't get engaged in the process how will anything change? Remember you are the...

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self-development Jun 28, 2016

Have you experienced things magically Change and Shift around You and You wonder, what happened? I am sure most of us have experienced that at some time in our life.

Well I notice and experience this quite often and the reason I share this with you is simple, it's time to acknowledge that about You, The difference you make in the world when you Choose to Make A Demand of YOU.

I was being the usual me and was communicating with someone who went into the wrongness of a situation. And didn't see any possibility of changing it because it was not possible for something to get done, Then there was a bit of wrongness flung on me as well. I tried to lighten things up, but that didn't work either. Well me being me, I noticed me buying into the drama, intrigue, and especially if it is someone who is close to you. Have You been there too? 

I noticed what I was getting into and immediately demanded.... Enough is Enough, this has got to Stop and Now! I asked a question.


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How many times have you heard this growing up. "I know better you listen to what I am saying and just do what I tell you?"  Does that Sound familiar? I know for a fact that was my reality growing up.

What then happened? Either you bought into it, resisted it, reacted to it, defied what was said and or defended the rightness of it or went into maintaining the rightness while making you wrong for it.

The strangest thing is all this occurs in just a nanosecond and you may not even be cognitively aware of it, and live your whole life maintaining this as the only choice you have..


  • What is your life showing up as?
  • Are you trying to fix things while maintaining the rightness or the wrongness of it?
  • Were you allowed to choose for you?
  •  Or is the word Choice almost alien to you,
  • If you did choose were you rebelling and reacting to what was said to you, that you must do or else.
  • Some even say, Am i crazy not to choose...
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being unique Jan 06, 2016

Are YOU different and unique? You couldn't ever be like someone else, so why does everyone try so hard to be like someone? Have you ever pondered that? No matter how hard you try, you just cannot be like someone. And just for this conversation, if you did for a second be like them, someone would come along and tell you, “you are not like them and you lack this and that, and you must do this then only can you be like them”. Does that sound true for you?

Just give you permission to STOP RIGHT THERE! For a moment and see this scenario... It's almost a non-stop rejection and judgement process going on, in which you keep making you wrong, incapable, not good enough and the list goes on and on. So what is accomplished at the end of it all? You are now frustrated, stressed, broken in spirit, confused, dejected and not knowing what and how to change anything, because you are not good enough you conclude. Is this a good use of your energy, maintaining the not good enough story?

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engage Jan 04, 2016

Where did we give up on ourselves? What did we make so vital to follow, that we don't even trust ourselves anymore. How is that working? Do we feel empowered or do we feel inadequate most of the time?

Ever wondered what is going on? Who are you trying to be like, that you are not? Where are you trying to fit in? Every time you try and fit in does it work? How many judgements do you have of you? Do they usually show up, as you not being good enough? How much of your energy do you waste trying to conform? Is that a good use of your energy?

What do you know about you? What is so uniquely different about you that you have not even considered? What impact can that difference make in the world? What if you are the only person who is designed to bring about that difference to the world? What is that? What can you find out about YOU? What have you been hiding about you all this time?

Is it time for you to discover YOU? What if now is the time for you to allow YOU to choose YOU to be that...

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What have we decided to be as our happiness thermostat? So we go to a certain limit hit the thermostat and get back into the same place of conforming to maybe:

  • The Events around us
  • The People around us with their stories
  • The Confusion that persists in the world

What is it that keeps us determining and keeps us in this mayhem of constantly trying to fit into a place to be happy? Ever wondered?

What if that is the biggest lie to keep you stuck?

What if you were the one who knew there was something different available?

What if you were that difference?

What would you choose then?

I keep getting the Greatest Gift I have always had and still do every second and so do You is something we Totally overlook. Would You really use it if I tell you what it is? That Gift I am talking about

Now for the Surprise Gift

It is The Gift Of Choice.

What can you Choose that if you allowed you to use would Create Your Personal Happiness Compass beyond what you ever thought was possible?

What if you in...

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engage Jan 02, 2016

At age 10, I was inspired by the writings of a brilliant philosopher he wrote and I Quote

"We spend our whole life in search of someone and something greater than us. What if we chose to discover ourselves instead?"

I have always been intrigued by that and add to it.
Just what if we continue to discover ourselves, what would that reveal, what if that is what we allow to show up, is truly the celebration of us?
And what if in that self discovery lies the Gift only You can bring about?
Questions here is

  • Are you done trying to fit into what you think you have to be to fit in?
  • What will it take for You to choose to BE You?
  • What does that even look like?
  • What if Only You Know?
  • What if the first step was for You to Choose to find out?
  • What if Questions will be like the Door Openers to Discover You?
  • Would You give You permission to?

What if you can choose to be the change and the possibility we all have been waiting for?

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There is a lot going on and you keep hearing horrifying stories about businesses and people being made redundant and the doom and gloom all around. What is your take on this? Are you reacting by aligning and agreeing with everything you are hearing and possibly going insane with stress?

So let’s see, You buy into it, You use all your energy to validate the information and then you stress out with it. How is that creating something new for you? You look into a way you can beat the stuff going on, How can you? if all your energy is going into aligning and agreeing or resisting and reacting to it.

I have news for you! Nothing ever really happens to you, believe it, or not you are the only one who is creating your reality, Yes that’s true. Just look at that, for a second. If you are creating your own reality as buying into what is going on outside of you and fall prey to the desperation mode, guess what you will be creating more desperation. More Stress, More Confusion, More...

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